I heard these guys on a golf podcast I listen to every now and then, golficity. They put golf training videos on YouTube and also offer coaching/practice help from their website Meandmygolf.com.

For More Power In Your Golf Swing – Plug Yourself In

Where Power Is Generated In The Golf Swing

The relationship between your upper and lower body during the back and down swing is key to producing power and consistency in the golf swing.

The “Power Cord” Analogy

We like to use the “Power Cord” analogy that we got from Golf Coach Dave Phillips (TPI).

Imagine your upper and lower body are both power cords and when you assume your posture you plug them into each other.

Plug Yourself In Setup For More Power In The Golf Swing

Now the idea is to keep these power cords plugged in during the back and down swing through to Impact. This helps the body keep good positions in the golf swing helping you to maximize power and consistency of strike, which is so important to playing good golf.

If you disconnect these power cords at any point before impact it becomes very difficult get the most out of your golf swing.

How To Practice

Stand tall and place your lead hand on your belt with your trail hand a few inches above. Hinge forward from your hips so that the hands meet. You are now “plugged” in!

Now simply make a turn keeping the hands together, this will keep your core engaged and puts the spine in a great position at the top of the back swing priming you ready for that all important down swing.

From here start your down swing with your lower body and move to impact keeping the hands connected. This will allow you to maintain a good posture and help you get the most out of your golf swing.

This is a great drill to practice in front of a mirror at home.  To see more great drills for generating power click here..